Thursday, April 2, 2009

Looking for Opportunity in this Depression?

I've read some sad stories lately about retirees competing with teenagers for entry-level jobs. There is one part of our economy that is growing and that is Network Marketing.

Now, don't run off - it's true. Every recession brings more growth in network marketing companies because people who would never look at them otherwise are HUNGRY for an opportunity to create fallback plan. A Plan B, because their Retirement Plan "A" isn't working anymore.

The problem with MLM/network marketing is that it has been portrayed as something everyone can do - - and once the average person finds out there are sales involved, they want no part of it. It's not for everyone, it's for people who understand business and sales.

If you are a professional salesperson, who is about to be laid off, then take a look at a FREE ebooks I'm offering visitors on my other blog:

I have met and worked with some of the big names of MLM. I can tell you the money and lifestyle are real. They have lot of fun and make it all look like fun.

Once you clear away the myths that have been spread about MLM -- and you pick a good company to represent -- a sales pro can earn a very handsome retirement income when combining the MLM compensation plan with using the Internet to attract and screen the propsects you want for your business.

If you need an opportunity -- it's there. Go download that short book that will clear up why some many people have a bad impression of network marketing and MLM. It is to the right of this post, called "The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing."

Just click on the big red book and follow the download instructions.

It really opened my eyes to the possibilities in MLM when you learn how to do it the right way.

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