Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Is This Too Painful to Think About?

I haven't posted anything in a while. I have been busy with my main Web site, HealthyPlanetDiet.com, and now a new one about techniques and products that help one lose fat.

It is rapidly becoming painfully obvious that retirees, unless they are very savvy at protecting themselves and their investments, will be in "deep doo-doo" very soon as our government spends its way into financial crisis.

We're already in debt up to our eye-balls, but we don't hesitate to involve ourselves in another expensive little foreign war, Libya. How many does that make now that we're tied up in?

Natural disasters and the resultant nuclear cataclysms that threaten to spread to our shores by tsunamis and trade winds are another factor we weren't counting on.

All the predictions that there will be -- at some unknown point -- a series of defaults on Social Security and pension obligations still hold true.

Inflation is beginning to show up from the trillions of dollars of new money that has been pumped into Wall St. to save the bankers who caused the housing crash that reduced the value of our retirement savings, represented by the equity in our homes.

I could go on a full-blown rant, but I think you get the message. There's no sense in dwelling on how badly we are being treated by our elite, here and in Europe.

There will be more terrorism here in the USA and Europe. There will be much higher inflation and possibly shortages of food. It would be a good idea to move to the country and get a big garden going.

It would be wise to spend time on improving your health, reduce your weight if need be, and put a large chunk of your assets into storable foods, garden seeds, water, and tradable goods, such as gold and silver.

If you can leave the USA, that might be even better, as long as you chose your destination wisely. Consult "International Living" or "Sovereign Man" for ideas on expatriating.

Who would have ever thought that U.S. states and municipal governments would be going broke and trying to renegotiate their promises to unions?

Get ready! Get healthy! Take care!