Monday, June 28, 2010

Health or Health Care?

My college roommate died a week ago. He was 62, I believe. He had health care, but it wasn't enough to pull him through.

My point is, you can have the finest comprehensive health care insurance, but if you let your health go, you might not make it to retirement. Imagine! All those years of work for nothing!

I have always preferred to be in business for myself, so that I can take the time to make sure I get my exercise and eat well. Being on someone else's schedule has never appealed to me.

As a result, my health is excellent. I feel young. I have no need for doctors -- and that alone saves me a lot of money.

Dying before you get to retire is definitely an "overlooked retirement danger," wouldn't you agree?

Take care of your health is my advice for you. Spend 40-60 minutes daily walking briskly or bicycling. Lift some weights a couple times a week. Eat lots of vegetables, fresh fruit, whole grains, legumes, and very little animal protein. That's my recipe for physical health.

For financial health, so that you can spare the time for leisurely living and exercise, consider starting a side business to fund your early retirement. I have found infomarketing and network marketing perfect for funding my easy-going lifestyle. Both are doing very well in this generally stagnant economy.

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