Thursday, November 20, 2008

As we're all waiting for the smoke to clear, so we can see the new direction of our country, I will only surmise that those of us who still have a solid income above $150,000/year will be facing more taxes in the near future. Tax the more productive elements of our society and redistribute some of the money to those who were unwise in managing their finances: this seems to be the plan of the Obama administration, one that will be copied on the state and local level.

It's a good time to start thinking about how to protect your earnings from higher taxes, if you even have sufficient earnings to worry about. One way to do this is to start looking for another country to emigrate to, where taxes are not so oppressive.

Higher taxes are certainly a danger to your retirement plans, so you need to take countermeasures.

You may find this chart useful in your search:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Please Visit My New Main Blog

I have decided my main focus for the next few years will be personal and community Food Security. To that end, I invite you - if you're interested - to visit my new blog entitled "Common Wealth Farm" at

Now, the Election campaign is finally over. Saint Obama has won, proving that Americans in general don't want the truth about their political/economic affairs, so I have decided to stop talking about our immoral, murderous, and unwise foreign policies and to focus squarely on what can be done to maintain a comfortable standard of living for myself and those who see the danger of our situation.

When it becomes evident that all the Bailout monies are being wasted and unemployment keeps going up, Common Wealth Farm is a concept I offer for those who want honest work and a roof over their heads. Our American economy has been based on foolish premises that most of us can be consumers of a variety of products shipped into this country, without producing an equivalent value to trade the producer countries. With increases in oil prices and/or lack of credit to pay for shipments of vital goods, Americans may soon find many necessary items no longer in stock on supermarket shelves. Whoops!

We need to become locally self-sufficient in food and energy. This can be done, but it requires work and preparation now. Common Wealth Farm is just a name for an old way to do this. It may solve the problems of unemployment, homelessness, and food security for a lot of Americans, when they are ready for it.

By the way: Food that you grow for your family is equivalent to earnings you won't have to pay taxes on. Tax-free income!

If this seems like excessive worry, here's a little tidbit I found in the news yesterday: Central California will be limiting water supplies for cities and farms (where much of America's food is grown) to 15% of their requested ammount in 2009. Unless they have a very unusually wet winter, there may be a lot less produce coming out of California farms next year. It is not worth planting most crops if you won't have the necessary water to grow them. Think about that!

Here in Oregon, we have no shortage of water. In fact, it's raining steadily now, right on schedule!