Friday, March 13, 2009

Retirees Forced To Return To Work

There is a new Overlooked Retirement Danger catching a growing number of Americans who thought they were ready for retirement: massive declines in asset values.

I recently read a sad article in the Wall Street Journal (2/17/09) about the many American retirees, some in their 70s, who are looking for work in this deepening Depression.

The article recounted the difficulties that older workers are having finding legitimate work at home positions that are widely touted on the 'Net: getting paid for filling out surveys, various online investment scams, and online marketing information about getting rich in marketing online marketing information (how imaginative!).

There is so much garbage floating around on the 'Net and the average retiree seems to have difficulty telling what's legit from what is not.

Beyond technical legitimacy, there should be consideration of what types of business will do well in this economic environment of reduced consumer spending. The typical former employee often doesn't know where to look and how to evaluate these criteria for business success.

When I worked with the U.S. Department of Commerce/Rural Development Administration to find and nurture new employment opportunities in rural Oregon communities hit by mill closures in the 1990s, I came to appreciate network marketing as one of the best self-employment opportunities for the average person.

Network marketing Is a legitimate business format, but all networking companies are not equal in their profit potential in today's economy.

Let me just offer some filters I use when considering the viability of any new home business opportunity:

Is the company solid, well-capitalized, profitable, and led by experienced businesspeople?

Has it been in business more than five years?

Are similar products already being bought and included in most Americans' budgets?

Are the products necessary or could they be dispensed with if money gets tighter?

Are the products better than store-bought alternatives at a competitive price?

Is it fairly easy to earn commissions for recommending the products and/or opportunity to others?

Network marketing and direct sales still carries a stigma for many people. Much of this has come from the way that distributors have been taught to promote their businesses - and this is due for revision. The ebook I am giving those who would like to learn more about Network Marketing will show how to make a success out of this ideal recession-busting business.

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